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Function Checker

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Solder Pallets


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Customized system employed for incoming inspection, quality assurance, and production testing for electronic/non electronic devices and subassemblies.


System is used in conjunction with automation to ensure quality consistency, increase productivity or other process that cannot be conducted manually.

SMT Laser Cut Stencil

Used to aid the application of solder paste to surface mount component pads in the field of printed circuit board assembly.

Function Checker

A Device designed to assure that circuitry functions within specifications. Designed for production testing, our solutions are optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability.

LED Checker

LED are important in different fields of architectural illumination, for lighting fixtures and for the automotive industry. To get photometric data of the LED, a well adaptable measuring system is necessary. It must be able to capture high dynamic images for different areas of color spaces as well as for different light intensities and luminances.

Solder Pallets

A Device used to fix electronics components on pronted circuit boards using the wave soldering process. The design of the solder pallets is exactly adjusted to the design of the pronted circuit board.

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