SMT Laser Cut Stencil

SMT Laser Cut Stencil

We provide Metal Mask stencils for SMT. The range of the material’s thickness starts from 0.05mm – 0.3mm. We use high-performing and quality materials to produce the Metal Mask stencils. For the materials, currently, there are two material categories. One of them is standard SUS 304 and the other option is FINE GRAIN. For fine-pitch stencils, FINE GRAIN materials are highly recommended for better results. We implement the multi-step forming strategy to optimize the variation of thickness by using a chemical for the manufacturing process with MICRO-WELDING technology.


Product Specifications


All our metal masks are passed the polishing process after cutting is using an electropolish process  to make sure the aperture walls are smooth, to have good printing quality, especially for fine pitch and small aperture.

Nano Coating

Nano coating can be requested based on the customer’s requirement. 

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